The Scot Who Loved Her

Release Date: TBD


After a duel to the death to secure a vital military secret, Lord Malcolm Gordon, codename Raven, races from Edinburgh to deliver the news to the Duke of Wellington. But before he gets to London, he crosses paths with a lady's bullet.

Lady Olivia Aston is horrified that she's shot a man while hunting. Fortunately, he's still alive. But what to do with the gravely wounded Highlander? Her father despises the Scots and will likely turn him out once he's discovered. With this latest blunder, there is also the very real possibility that her father will permanently remove her from society as he did her sister. But she can't simply leave him to die. Nor can she risk getting caught.

Malcolm awakens to discover that the information he carried has been stolen, and there's no evidence of the culprit, other than a memory of her soft voice and bonny face. Time is running out. Despite his wound (mysteriously stitched), he must now hurry to get to the duke. By the time he reaches London, Malcolm learns the secrets he carried have already been compromised. The Duke charges Malcolm to ferret out the traitor amidst Edinburgh society. Begrudgingly, Malcolm is thrust into one soiree after another, only to come face to face with his beautiful, charming female assailant.

Will she shoot him again? Though he has no solid evidence against Lady Olivia, she is most certainly linked to the traitors. He could drag her from the ballroom, present her to the duke as a possible suspect, but instead, he takes the dangerous flirtation to the next level. There is something utterly alluring about a woman who holds a weapon as well as she dances. Malcolm's determined to make Olivia swoon until she confesses everything--that is, until someone makes an attempt on both their lives. What started as a game of cat and mouse turns into a deadly adventure, revealing startling intelligence neither of them saw coming.

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