Taming the Scot

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Release Date: August 24, 2021


Back from the war, Captain Euan Irvine of Scotland, heir to the Baron of Drum and chief of his clan, learns of his grandfather’s death. The will stipulates whichever grandson produces an heir first will be the rightful claimant to his title and properties. Except that this is a race of which Euan wants no part. Marriage and heir-producing is better left to the gentleman in society. He is not distinguished, and he is far from proper. Euan’s a rough-and-tumble warrior still seething with bitterness from the horrors of war and the men he lost. Under pressure from his sisters, Euan reluctantly agrees. When his older sister snidely remarks he should have had a governess to teach him better manners, Euan decides to do just that—hire a governess to help prepare him for marriage and his new role as laird.

Miss Bronwen Holmes is desperate to disappear from her deceased parents’ creditors, who have threatened to abduct her and force her into a fate worse than death. When she reads an advertisement for a governess in the Highlands, she hightails it out of Edinburgh to start a new life. Little did she know that her charge would be a grown man whose steely gaze makes her heart flutter.

It doesn’t take long for Euan to realize that Bronwen is the furthest thing from a governess. She is a lass sorely in need of protection. As she attempts to teach him all the wrong ways of being a gentleman, his desire to keep her safe gives him new hope in life and a drive to prove he’s the rightful Laird of Drum.

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