Book Clubs

I love book clubs--I'm a member of two myself. I'm available to call in virtually via Zoom. I am able to discuss any of the books I've written or co-authored (not just the ones on the guide list below, that's a sample).

Please connect with me by filling out the request form below, or through Novel Network (free membership for book clubs!). I do not charge for 30-60 minute visits. Longer sessions may incur a fee.

I'm looking forward to speaking with your book club!

Click the links below for some of the book club guides available. If you don't see the book you'd like to read listed below, please feel free to message me as they sometimes aren't uploaded yet.


Download the PDF Book Club Guide for Starring Adele Astaire


Download the PDF Book Club Guide for The Mayfair Bookshop


Download the PDF Book Club Guide for Ribbons of Scarlet


What Would Your Historical Job Be in the time of Prince Charlie’s Angels?


Drink Like A Writer: Books and Cocktails from your favorite historical novelists


Download the PDF Book Club Guide for The Highlander’s Reward


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