The Laird’s Kiss

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Published by: Knight Media, LLC
Release Date: January 30, 2024


Highland warrior, Laird Ian Sinclair, longs for adventure. After a lengthy time north in the Orkney Isles, he agrees to undertake a rescue mission at his brother's behest. Crossing the English border to retrieve Lady Rhiannon Dacre, is not going to be easy, and in fact could prove deadly. Eager for the daring challenge, Ian dodges the enemy's sword in order to see his task through. What he doesn't expect is the feisty, beautiful lady he's charged with protecting, or the sudden strong desire to claim her…

Desperate to escape the oppressive rule and depressing future she faces at the hands of her estranged brother, Rhiannon writes her cousin in Scotland begging for help. With the promise of aid on the way, Rhiannon is surprised to find her rescuer is no more than a rogue with a bad disguise, and a terrible plan. Skeptical about whether Ian will be able to whisk her away from the danger of her brother's imminent plans for her, she hesitates. But what choice does she have? She must trust her cousin-and the wild, handsome Scot who promises her safety.

As they race across the border, thwarting her brother's men all the way, Ian resists the urge to wrap the lady in his arms. Rhiannon finds herself falling hard for the laird who is willing to risk everything for her. The pull between them is intensifying, and denying their desire is getting harder. Surrendering to passion will leave them vulnerable to the enemy. Are they willing to risk death for love's sweet embrace?

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