The Laird’s Guardian Angel

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Published by: Knight Media, LLC
Release Date: January 28, 2025


Laird Alistair Sinclair has been fighting alongside Robert the Bruce for the last few years in the War of Independence for Scotland. Nursing an injury, he makes the journey home from battle, with the intent to put his own lands to rights while he recovers-only Alistair nearly tramples a beguiling lass on his lands before he arrives. She begs him for help, and dangles before him a secret he can't ignore, just as he can't shake the desire that thrums in his veins at the sight of her.

Escaping near death at the treacherous hands of an English soldier who raided her clan's castle, Lady Calliope Ramsay flees to the nearby Sinclair lands, desperate for help and to relay the information she overheard. With the future of her clan and Scotland at stake, she implores her neighbor for aid, all while trying to ignore his striking gaze that sends her heart fluttering.

Can Alistair trust the captivating woman who claims to be his ally? With the battle coming closer to his doorstep, he has little choice but to believe Calliope. Side by side, they will risk everything to protect what is theirs, only to find the one thing they forget to fortify were their hearts…

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