The Highlander’s Stolen Bride

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Release Date: July 31, 2018
Pages: 260
ISBN13: 978-1721677726


When a thirst for revenge...

Eva de Clare, youngest daughter of the Earl of Northwyck, is pledged in matrimony to a cruel lord blackmailing her family. Her salvation comes in the form of a terrifying Highlander who interrupts the ceremony. But salvation turns to horror when she’s plucked from where she stands and whisked across the Scottish border. Eva isn’t about to be made a prisoner of war, and once she sees the kindness beneath her captor’s hard exterior she decides she won’t be sent back to England to be wed either. In fact, she just might be the woman to warm the Highland warrior’s hardened heart.

Turns into desire...

At first, Strath intends to toss the Sassenachlass into a dark cell and forget about her, but there is something about the way she defies him that he finds captivating, not to mention how very much he’d like to kiss her. Eva isn’t about to be made into a prisoner of war, and she’s definitely not going to be sent back to England to marry her enemy. Though at first the Highlander frightened her, she sees kindness beneath his hard exterior. Perhaps the key to her survival will be convincing this warrior to take her for himself. And perhaps Strath, just might have found the only woman who could warm his hardened heart.

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Spring, 1322
Northern England

Eva de Clare had been told that every English lady looked forward to her wedding day. But she was pretty certain that was a lie. In her case, her wedding day was fast winning out over her worst nightmare.

Standing in her father’s study was her betrothed—a man who’d been blackmailing her family for at least two years that she knew of. Somehow, he’d managed to wheedle his way down to this—her hand in marriage.

Lord Belfinch stared down his nose first at her, and then her father. His thick brown hair was cropped close to his head and his face was as cleanly shaven as a sheep shorn too close to the skin, revealing pockmarks along his jaw line. Thin purple veins were visible at the plump parts of his cheeks, creating a map to his bulbous nose. Sharp, black eyes bore into her as he assessed her with a sneer of his yellowed teeth.

This man who made her physically ill was to be her husband. Her father might as well have sentenced her to death, for she wasn’t only ill from looking at him, although he was extremely unpleasant, but rather because there was no blood pumping through his veins. Nay, a man that evil had to be filled with tar.

Eva tried to hold in her shudder. She wished her sister, Jacqueline, was here to talk sense into their father. More than anything, she wished her mother was here to hide her in the woods on one of their wilderness adventures. A gust of wind banged against the closed shutters, as though her mother spoke to her from beyond the grave, or maybe tried to scare away the vile beast about to force her into marriage…

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