The Highlander’s Secret Vow

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Release Date: March 26, 2019
Pages: 254
ISBN13: 978-1949941005


When Liam Sutherland was a lad of sixteen summers, he saved a lassie’s life, and secretly vowed to always keep her safe. Only problem was, she’s a Sassenach. As the prized warrior for his clan, and youngest son of the laird, his responsibilities at the castle continue to mount, and just when he’s about to forge a name for himself, he receives a mysterious missive that has the power to make him leave everything behind.

Cora Segrave, daughter of an English baron, owes her life to the Scot who saved her years ago during a border raid. When her family home is destroyed, and they are taken prisoner, there is only one man she knows can save her—the one man she’s never been able to forget.

Answering Cora’s plea for aid will jeopardize Liam’s reputation, and maybe even cause a rift with his family, but a vow is a vow, and he cannot turn his back on her—or his heart. The only choice he has is to save her before it’s too late, and pray his family and king will understand. In saving her, just maybe he’ll be able to save himself.

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