The Queen’s Faithful Companion

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Published by: William Morrow
Release Date: June 11, 2024
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 9780063281011


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From USA Today bestselling author Eliza Knight comes an endearing and vivid story told from the unique multi-narrative viewpoints of a young Queen Elizabeth, Hanna Penwyck, the fictionalized Keeper of the Queen’s dogs, and Susan, the Queen's Corgi, whose love and loyalty were boundless.

A reigning queen…

Elizabeth wasn’t born to be queen. After all, her uncle was the heir. But when he abdicates the throne, and her father steps in as king, everything in Elizabeth’s life and her future path changes. But there is one thing that never wavers, and that is her endearing love of her Corgis—especially the new puppy Susan, who is gifted to her for her eighteenth birthday. Despite the pressures of royal life, Elizabeth always finds calm and peace with her faithful companion. Susan, a member of the royal household, is by her side during Elizabeth’s WWII service, falling in love with Philip and getting married, the death of her father King George VI, her accession to the throne, the birth of her first child, and the early struggles with running a country. The duties of a reigning monarch are not new to Elizabeth, but finding the balance between self and crown will be a constant test to her spirit.

A loyal servant…

Hanna Penwyck has grown up with her family in service to the crown. A little bit awkward, and often feeling alone, she has a connection with nature, animals— and the young princesses at Windsor. Hanna sees the queen from a different perspective than anyone else in service. Her job is to maintain the health and wellness of the queen’s most prized companion—she is the Keeper of the Queens Corgis. With Hanna, Elizabeth can open up, and talk about things she finds joy in, such as her dogs, nature, and hunting. Elizabeth is free to be herself, versus a queen who must keep herself at arm’s length from everyone.

A faithful companion…

From the moment Susan became Elizabeth’s, she knew what her duty as a royal dog was. To remind Elizabeth that she is more than just a queen, she is a human, and that the key to life is not just duty and honor, but connection, family, and unconditional and enduring love. Susan is the keeper of memories, of secrets. Though she’s got trouble communicating through speech, she tries her hardest to help Elizabeth in her times of need. Through Susan we gain a dog’s eye view of royal life, human relationships, and the heartwarming bond between a queen and her beloved companion.

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