Starring Adele Astaire

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Published by: William Morrow
Release Date: June 6, 2023
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 978-0063209206



USA Today bestselling author Eliza Knight returns with a story full of glitz and glam as she delves into the life of Adele Astaire, a spirited and talented woman who served up smiles and love both on and off the stage—with and without her also famous brother Fred Astaire— along with a determined young dancer with rags-to-riches dreams.

A spirited rising stage star…

Adele Astaire was a glittering, glamorous star, dancing with her brother, Fred, endearing herself to audiences from New York to London. But although she is toasted by royalty and beloved by countless fans, Adele Astaire has dreams of a loving husband and a houseful of children. And when she meets Lord Charles Cavendish, her wishes may just come true—but at what cost?

A determined young dancer …

Ever since Violet Wood could walk she’s wanted to dance on the London stage. Befriended by Adele, filled with ambition, she is more than willing to make the sacrifices it will take to becomes a star herself, and her rags-to-riches hopes are within reach. But the road to fame is never easy.

Two women with unquenchable spirit …

From the fast-paced world of roaring 20s New York to the horrors and sacrifice of wartime London, Adele's and Violet’s lives intertwine, and each must ask themselves is fame worth the price you must pay?

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“Eliza Knight’s STARRING ADELE ASTAIRE strikes the perfect chord illustrating Adele Astaire’s professional success as half of a dynamic dancing duo with her brother Fred, and her personal trials and tribulations of attaining love and a family of her own. Knight crafts an intimate sensation that adeptly places readers in the foot lights along America’s Great White Way and London’s West End theaters, among chorus dancers jostling for stardom, privileged royals, and the glamour of non-stop parties with a dapper and debonair entourage of A-listers. In the center of it all is Adele Astaire, an entertainer who wins the hearts of all with her dancing prowess, showmanship, perseverance, and dedication to service. A great read!”
Monica Chenault-Kilgore, Long Gone, Come Home

"Just as Adele Astaire received standing ovations for her performances, so too does Eliza Knight deserve to be similarly acclaimed for this book. I can’t believe I’d never heard of this incredible woman and I loved how the novel shone a well-deserved spotlight on this less famous but exceptionally talented Astaire sibling. Bravo Eliza Knight – and please take a bow. You’ve written a showstopper of a story.”
Natasha Lester, New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Orphan

“From the stages of Hollywood to the war Front, STARRING ADELE ASTAIRE dances with life and emotion, paying homage to a largely overlooked persona in Hollywood’s illustrious line-up of characters. Knight’s admiration for Adele Astaire—her talent and her passions, on stage and off—shines in this touching and compelling tale of a woman who strives to realize her dreams. A winner!
Heather Webb, USA Today bestselling author of Strangers in the Night

“Impeccably researched and beautifully written, Starring Adele Astaire is a peak behind the curtain of what it was like to be a woman and a performer in the 1920s-1940s. Eliza Knight explores the timeless question of whether a woman can truly have it all in this fascinating novel filled with love, heartbreak, resilience, and ultimately friendship.”
– Jillian Cantor, USA Today bestselling author of Beautiful Little Fools

"Long before Ginger Rogers came along, Fred Astaire’s dance partner was his sister Adele who positively dazzles in Eliza Knight’s latest work of historical fiction. We follow the spirited Adele from New York to London and beyond as she takes a young dancer under her wing. As their friendship grows, the women learn to juggle fame, love, loss and the devastation of war. Knight’s fan will surely appreciate how she once again seamlessly weaves her research into this rich tale, delivering another winner!"
—Renee Rosen author of The Social Graces

Starring Adele Astaire peels back the layers on Adele Astaire’s life beyond the stage while highlighting how ferociously an intrepid dreamer must fight for an edge into the spotlight. Eliza Knight’s in-depth research brings these stories to life in exquisite, vibrant detail that will captivate readers everywhere.” ~Madeline Martin New York Times and International Bestselling author of The Last Bookshop in London

“Be swept away to London and New York between the wars with Starring Adele Astaire, a bittersweet true-life tale of one of early last century's greatest dancers and most famous siblings. Author Knight has penned a lovely, evocative and inspiring story about personal choice and sacrifice set during the headiness of the 1920s and the increasingly dark days of depression and war ahead. Ambition, family duty, sibling rivalry, classism, ill-fated love and maternal loss are just some of Adele's struggles when she decides to leave the stage for marriage into one of England's most illustrious titled families. By so deftly and compassionately bringing Adele to life, Knight gives us a most memorable and vital heroine for any age.”
—Natalie Jenner, Internationally bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society and Bloomsbury Girls

Starring Adele Astaire by Eliza Knight tells the riveting tale of an enormously talented performer who steps away from the spotlight into a world of romance, friendship, adventure and survival. Adele Astaire’s remarkable life is centerstage in this wonderfully researched, lavishly told novel.”
–Denny S. Bryce, bestselling author of Wild Women and The Blues