Prisoner of the Queen

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: August 11, 2015
Pages: 370
ISBN13: 978-1503945562


Kindhearted Katherine Grey knows well the peril of being born with royal blood. As Henry VIII’s grandniece and one of the heirs to the English throne, her noble birth has doomed her to live among the schemers and seducers of the king’s court—barring her from the peaceful life that she truly desires.

After her sister fails to keep the throne, and a new queen rises to power, Katherine finds herself surrounded by adversaries. Since Queen Elizabeth sees her as a threat, and court conspirators see her as an ally, Katherine is forced to play a game she knows she cannot win. And when she reunites with the man she truly loves, Katherine has even more at stake. With treachery at every turn and the life she dreams of within reach, Katherine must make an impossible choice: Will she submit to the queen’s authority, or will she pursue love no matter the cost?

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Prisoner of the Queen is top shelf historical fiction. Anyone as addicted to Tudor history as I am will love escaping into this heart-breaking yet touching look at a woman taking her own life in her hands and making her own choices despite what tragedies may come.”
Colleen Turner, Historical Tapestry

“Knight once again tells a story of the little known royal relation with a personal panache and flair for the dramatic that serves to elevate one given a mediocre place in the annals of history to astronomical heights in the fictional arena. Vibrant characters, mind-bending plot twists, and a fluid yet breakneck pace are all trademarks of authoress Knight that fans of her books have come to know as her signature hallmarks of excellence.”
Frishawn Rasheed, WTF Are You Reading?

“Knight is back with another tale from the Tudor Court. Think you’ve read everything about the Tudors? Ms. Knight shows that there is much more to love… Filled with court intrigue and passion, this book will have you wanting to read more about her heroine, Katherine Grey, sister of Queen Jane Grey!”
Meg Wessel, A Bookish Affair


I have served three queens in my life. One was my sister, one was my savior, and one my bitterest enemy.

I’ve seen a queen fall from power in just nine days. I’ve watched a queen die of heartbreak and neglect. And I’ve threatened a queen with my very existence, for I, too, am of royal blood.

And yet, for most of my life, I’ve done the bidding of queens. I’ve nodded my head, curtsied, acquiesced, given up my hopes and dreams. Mourned the death of loved ones taken before their time. Even in the face of brutal loss, I have listened and obeyed, understanding that, in all things, the sovereign always wins.

But I tell you, the queen has not won this time. Even now, at the hour of my death, I have prevailed over her. There are those who see me as her victim, but I have triumphed where others failed. You see, my love has conquered the commands of a royal crown.

For love, I carved for myself a little peace and happiness from this life, and what love I have known makes it all worthwhile. It was mine. It is still mine, this love. Love that I would never have known if I were a queen. Love that the queen herself has never known and never will.

So I shall rejoice, knowing that I would do it all once more. Knowing that there are some things in this life that we cannot let another control. We cannot bend to another’s will at the risk of losing who we are. We must defy them. Keep sacred the matters of our hearts, our very souls. And that is why not even death will take this victory from me. My love, my private triumph, will live on even when I am gone.

For I am Lady Katherine Grey, and this is my story...